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EPEVER UPower Series Solar Hybrid Inverter 2000VA / 24V & MPPT Charge Controller 780W /30A (UP2000-M3322)

SKU MD1215/2KVA/M3322 Category

Solar Hybrid Inverter. MPPT Solar Charger. Pure Sine Inverter.

  • Industrial Grade Specification
  • Quick Transfer Speed and High Efficiency
  • Large LCD Display and Control with optional PC software
  • 2 Year Warranty

CE & RoHS Certified

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A Hybrid fully configurable Inverter Charger combining MPPT Solar Charging and Inverter function in one reliable solar off-grid package. Suitable for Industrial, Commercial, Scientific, Residential and Marine use.

Available in 1KVA, 2KVA, 3KVA and 5KVA models.

Industrial grade design with 2 Year Warranty:

  • Uses multi-core processor design and an advanced MPPT control algorithm in an IP30 enclosure.
  • SPWM Pure Sine Wave output. Low Harmonic Distortion (≤3%) suitable for industrial, scientific and medical applications.
  • MPPT technology with efficiency up to 99.5%
  • AC side / Utility side 2P circuit breakers inbuilt (reduces installation space and time)
  • Battery temperature compensation function
  • Extensive electronic protection
  • Can deliver instantaneous Output Surge Power twice the device rated power.
  • For Critical UPS Power Applications, inbuilt Relay Interface can activate an external power source (e.g. Auto Start/Stop Generator) when Battery voltage is critically low.



MPPT Solar Charge algorithm maximises conversion efficiancy up to 99.5%. Battery Charging function configurable to suit local environment preferences and reliabilty requirements in multiple priority modes:

  • Solar charging priority over Utility (to balance low running cost with reliability)
  • Utility charging priority over Solar (to maximise charge in cloud conditions)
  • Solar only charging (to achieve lowest running cost)
  • Utility & Solar combined simultaneous charging

Inverter DC-AC module uses SPWM to produce Pure Sine wave output suitable for residential and commercial / scientific applications.

AC Inverter Module can be configured to run on:

  • Always Battery source. This creates a continously stable output for systems requiring UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), e.g. telecommuncation systems or medical devices, or for countries where electrical power is unstable.
  • Utility Power as default. Example when a Boat is connected to shore power.
  • Configure output Voltage between 230VAC and 220VAC, and frequency between 60Hz or 50Hz

Control and Monitoring : Large 4.2 inch inbuilt display with realtime opertional data. Control and Monitor the system with PC Software or Android App.

  • Optional Communication Cable (USB to RS485) required for PC connection.
  • Optional eBox-WiFi required for Mobile Phone.
  • PC Software required (Download here).


Electrical Specification:

UPower Series / Model Number2 KVA/
System Battery Voltage (and Range)24 V DC (21.6~32VDC)
Output Power (15min.)2000W (Continous 1600W)
Max. Surge Power4000W
Inverter Output Voltage / Frequency220VAC±3%, 230VAC (-7%~+3%) / 50Hz/60Hz
Inverter Output WavePure Sine Wave
Distortion THD≤3% (12V or 24V resistive load)
AC Utility Input Voltage160VAC~280VAC(Working voltage range), 170VAC~270VAC(Utility starting voltage range)
Max. Utility Charge Current30A
Max. PV Open Circuit Voltage92V
Max. PV Input Power780W
Max. PV Charging Current30A
Battery TypeLead Acid (AGM / Gel / Sealed / Flooded) / User Custom Battery Voltage Settings (e.g. Lithium*, etc.)
Battery (Equalization/Boost/Float) Voltage29.2 V / 28.8 V / 27.6 V
Temperature Compensation Coefficient-3mV/℃, 2V (Default)
MPPT Tracking Efficiencyupto 99.5%
PC Connectivity OptionRS485 Interface
Inbuilt Relay InterfaceCan drive resistive loads 125VAC /1A, 30VDC/1A. Relay triggered by battery voltage sensing parameters DON / DOF (See manual).


Environment Specification:

Operating Temperature Range-20°C ~ +50°C
Relative Humidity≤95%, N.C


Physical Specs:

Mounting Dimension230mm
Mounting Hole SizeΦ8mm


Full Protection Functions:

PV Over Current, PV Short Circuit, Night Reverse charging, Battery & PV reverse polarity, Battery over discharge, Battery over heat, Battery over voltage, Load Short Circuit, Load Overload, and Device overheating. Note: To comply with IEC62109 requirement, connector for battery temp sensor is now located inside the unit.


Box Contains:

  • Hybrid Charger/Inverter
  • DC Circular & Input Terminals
  • Battery Input Fuse
  • Environment Temperature Sensor
  • Installation tools. Wall Template, Anchor Bolts and Screws.

Specifications subject to change. * Lithium Battery compatibility not guaranteed, due to varying battery chemistry and BMS configuations.

Download Control and Monitoring Software for UPower Series: UPower Series PC Tools V1.0 Download User Manual: UPower-Manual-EN-V1.4 Datasheet: UPower Datasheet