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BlueFusion Folding Solar Panel 50W 100W 120W, 12V/24V Lithium Battery Solar Charger

SKU MD1199/XXX/BF Category

Premium Folding Solar Panels

  • Compatible with Lithium and Lead Acid Batteries.
  • High Solar Conversion Efficiency
  • Long life Mono Panels.
  • 50W, 100W, 120W


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Portable solar panels to Charge Batteries while Hiking, Camping, Fishing
Off Grid Applications

Flex Power Portable Solar Panels 50W, 100W, 120W

  • A quality product, designed to be portable and withstand outdoor environments.
  • Manufactured from High Efficiency A Grade Mono Cells. 20 Year Power Output Warranty***
  • Solar Charger for 12V/24V Battery. 2m Battery cable with fuse and alligator clamps.
  • Compatible with 12V/24V GEL, Lead Acid and Lithium Batteries.
  • Folding solar panels, suitable for off-grid charging of 12V/24V batteries for Caravans & RV, Camping and Hiking Equipment, Electric Outboard Trolling Motor, and Residential use.
  • Excellent low light capabilities. High conversion efficiency.

Lightweight and Portable, Integrated DC Charge Controller

  • Integrated Charge Controller, concealed inside the panel.
  • 12V/24V and 5V USB DC Output:
    • Charge 12V or 24V Battery. 2m Battery cable, fused and alligator clamps.
    • Charge Phones and Devices from USB socket, 5V, 1.2 Amp.  An external 12V battery is required to operate USB Charger. Battery not included.
Integrated Charge Controller

Electrical Characteristics

Electrical Characteristics:
Panel Model:MD1199/50W/BFMD1199/100W/BFMD1199/120W/BF
Peak Power (Pmax):50W100W120W
USB Charger Socket (max):5V, 2A. An external 12V battery is required to operate USB Charger.
Battery voltage (V) *:12V / 24V (Auto Detect)
Compatible Batteries:Sealed, Gel, and Lithium Batteries (End user programming required, instructions below)
Custom Lithium Battery Voltage Range9V – 30V
Panel Operating Temperature(°C):-20°C to +55°C
Panel Output, Voc (V)/ Imp(A):18V / 2.7A18V / 5.5A18V / 6.67A

Panel Specification

Panel Specification:
Cells:High Efficiency, Grade A Monocrystalline solar cell.
ControllerIntegrated Charge Controller concealed in zipped pouch.
Included Cable:2m battery cable with integrated fuse and alligator clips
Folded Case dimension  (cm), L x W x D36 x 30 x 5 cm36 x 30 x 7.5 cm54 x 54 x 5 cm
Weight (kg)2.45 kg4.2 kg5.3 kg

How to Configure (Program) Solar Controller for Lithium Batteries

  • The default charging voltage of the controller is factory set for Sealed Lead Acid Batteries.
  • Lithium Batteris come in various chemistries and voltage. Consult the Lithium Battery manufacturer and set correct voltages in the controller to ensure safe and efficient charging of the battery.
  • Detailed instructions are in the box. Follow these steps to set up your Lithium Battery:
  1. Set custom battery type to b00 (Lithium Battery)
  2. Set the Maximum charge voltage of the Lithium Battery. This is the ‘Float Charge Voltage’ or HVD (High Voltage Disconnect). Configurable Range: 12.9V – 15V (for 12V system). 25.5V – 30V (for 24V system).
  3. Set the ‘Under Voltage Protection’ of the Lithium Battery. This is the LVD (Low Voltage Disconnect) and prevents load from operating when battery is discharged. Configurable Range: 9V – 12V (for 12V system). 18V – 24.9V (for 24V system)
  4. Optionally set the ‘Recovery after Undervoltage’ value. This is the voltage above which the load will reconnect after undervoltage protection is triggered. Range 9.3V – 12.3V (for 12V system). This value must be higher than ‘Under Voltage Protection’ value.

Solar Panel Linear Power Warranty***

    • 20 Year, 80% power output warranty
    • 1 Year limited product warranty

Precaution: Solar panels produce electricity and can lead to electrical shock and injury. All electrical connections should be carried out by a competent adult.

Note: Specification subject to change, manufacturing tolerance and product improvement. Can withstand some drizzle, protect from substantial rain.